👋 Hi there, I'm Schleidens.

I'm an experienced Full Stack Software Developer with 5+ years of experience, driven by a deep passion for creating and delivering cutting-edge web solutions. My journey in the realm of technology is fueled by a relentless curiosity and a constant desire to push boundaries. With a strong foundation in both front-end and back-end development, I thrive in bringing ideas to life through elegant code and intuitive design.
I like contribute to open source projects and I am open to new collaborations and opportunities.


I spend most of my energy building stuffs with Django | Vue.js | React.js

My stack includes the following technologies:
Python | Javascript | Typescript
Front End
Vue.js | React.js | Nuxt.js | Next.js | Gatsby | Vite | TailwindCss | Bootstrap | SCSS
Back End
Django | Nodejs | Express.js | Headless CMS | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | Firebase | Supabase


CLEEP (Google keep clone/redesign)

CLEEP (Google keep clone/redesign)

Clone/Redesign of google keep note app with all features (Auth, CRUD, ....)

React, SCSS, Firebase, Netlify



This blog was created as a learning project to explore the various features and capabilities of Django

Django, Bootstrap5, Pythonanywhere, Pillow

Youtube redesign

Youtube redesign

Remake of Youtube web version

React, Vite, Tailwindcss, Netlify


  • Git & Github & Bitbucket : Version control and code hosting.
  • Netlify & Vercel & Render : PaaS Hosting providers
  • VsCode : IDE (Theme: Github Theme, The unnamed)
  • Insomnia : REST client, postman alternative for API testing
  • Kali Linux / ParrotOS : Main OS
  • Discord : Community communication platform


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